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Spruce Up Your Home Theater System This Spring

As winter is winding down, the days will get warmer, sunnier and longer. Plants will begin to flower and trees begin to bud. Spring will soon be in the air, which means it’s time to clean and switch out the old for the new.

When it comes to spring cleaning, we often think of cleaning every square inch of our homes and maybe do some re-decorating or remodeling to give our homes a new look.

Amid the cleaning, organizing (or reorganizing) and tossing and purchasing furniture, it can be easy to overlook the status of your home theater electronics.

The year of cleaning neglect can leave your home electronics covered in a hefty layer of dust, which not only looks bad, but also reduces the functionality of your system. For the purposes of aesthetics and functionality, a thorough cleaning and exam of your electronics is necessary to keep you home theater system looking and working great.

What things should you look at and consider when doing some spring cleaning of your home theater electronics?

  1. Make sure your connections are secure. Check your HDMI cables, computer modems and other electrical connections to make sure they are secure. A loose HDMI cable, for instance, can greatly decrease the picture quality of your home theater screen and/or projector.

  2. Make sure connections are surge-protected. A home theater system takes a lot of power to function properly. Sometimes the possibility of a storm or the reduction of power from other home appliances can cause potentially catastrophic power surges. Making sure your home theater system is plugged into a surge protector will give you the assurance that your system won’t go out the next time you’re enjoying a nice movie night.

  3. Straighten your wires. While you’re checking the connections of your home theater, it is a good idea to arrange, label and organize your wires so you’re not stuck with an unsightly ball of wires that can compromise the wires’ usefulness and provide a home to unpleasant dust bunnies.

  4. Check for ventilation. Excessive heat can severely damage home theater equipment and inhibit their proper operation. If the wiring and electrical components are stored in a room, on a shelf or rack with poor ventilation, they can overheat.

  5. Optimize your screen viewing settings. This can be accomplished by undertaking a quick and easy video calibration.

  6. Examine the speakers. The full movie experience can’t be achieved without working, calibrated speakers, even with the best picture quality. Ensure that your speakers are properly wired and that the settings are tuned accurately to the room.

  7. Look at your wireless home network. Tired of all those buffering moments right at the climax of a movie? That can be the result of your wireless home network not being fast or powerful enough to accommodate your movie watching habits. Often, home theater systems require a home wireless network that goes above and beyond what a typical internet service provider can provide.

  8. Move up to new equipment. As you’re sizing up your furniture to determine what will best accommodate your new style, why not look at your home theater equipment? Have you had your equipment for multiple years? Does your current system do all that you want it to do? If it doesn’t, maybe it’s time to upgrade your system. In the spring, TVs and home theater electronics tend to go on sale, meaning you can score that new Kaleidescape Ultra HD 4K TV you’ve been dreaming about for a great price.

  9. Update your home theater. Just as you consider upgrading your home theater electronic system, why not do the same for your home theater furniture? Spring cleaning is a great time to rearrange furniture and switch out furniture to accomplish your home theater’s look and feel.

  10. Clean. Now that you got everything in tip-top working order and you have new furniture and equipment in a re-designed home theater room, the final step is to clean it all up so everything looks great. After all, you can’t have spring cleaning without, well, cleaning.

Spring cleaning is a great time to take stock of your home theater to make it look and work great throughout the year.

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